Miami Dance Project is a gateway to excellence in dance education and training. With our summer programs, we offer aspiring dancers a platform to nurture their talents, enhance their skills, and embark on a transformative journey to master their art. The diverse and enriching opportunities provided by our summer dance programs in South Miami ensure each child that walks through our door benefits and enhances their skill.

Discover the Miami Dance Project

A Hub of Artistic Excellence

Miami Dance Project stands as a beacon of artistic excellence in the heart of Pinecrest, Florida. With a strong focus on fostering creativity, technique, and artistic expression, our Miami dance school programs have garnered recognition both nationally and internationally. Our team of dedicated and highly skilled instructors brings a wealth of experience from prestigious dance companies and educational institutions, ensuring a top-tier learning environment for our students.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our Dance school in Pinecrest, Florida is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, providing dancers with an optimal space to explore their potential. From spacious dance floors to cutting-edge audio systems, we create an immersive experience that caters to the needs of every dancer. Our commitment to providing a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere allows dancers to thrive and reach new heights in their artistic journey.

Summer Dance Programs: Your Path to Mastery

1. Dance Intensive

Our Technical Dance Intensive Program is designed for intermediate and advanced dancers seeking to refine their technical skills and expand their dance vocabulary. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, participants will delve into various dance styles such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. Through rigorous training and personalized feedback, dancers will witness remarkable growth in their technique, alignment, and stage presence.

2. Summer Camp For All Levels

For beginner and intermediate dancers, we offer summer camp for ages 5-17. This weekly summer dance camp allows dancers of all skill levels to hone their abilities and collaborate with their peers. Beginners learn the basics of various dance styles while also getting to incorporate their newfound knowledge into basic choreography, which they perform at the end of each camp theme.

Benefits of Joining Miami Dance Project

1. World-Class Faculty

At Miami Dance Project, we believe in learning from the best. Our faculty comprises world-class dancers, choreographers, and instructors who have performed on prestigious stages and worked with renowned dance companies. Their expertise, passion, and dedication create an environment conducive to growth and excellence.

2. Performance Opportunities

We understand the importance of showcasing talent and providing our dancers with valuable performance experiences. Throughout our summer dance programs, participants have the opportunity to perform every two weeks for their friends and families. These opportunities not only foster artistic growth but also help build confidence and stage presence.

3. Networking and Industry Connections

Miami Dance Project provides a gateway to the dance industry. Through masterclasses, workshops, and guest artist programs, dancers have the chance to connect with professionals in the field. These networking opportunities can open doors to future collaborations, auditions, and even scholarships, offering our students a competitive edge in pursuing their dance aspirations.


Embark on your journey towards mastery with Miami Dance Project’s exceptional summer dance programs. Whether you aspire to refine your technique, explore your creativity, or prepare for a professional career, our programs cater to dancers of all levels. Benefit from our world-class faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and the vibrant dance community of Miami. Unleash your potential, fuel your passion, and make lasting connections in the world of dance. Join the Miami Dance Project today and pave your way to a future filled with artistic triumph.


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