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Hip Hop is more than just a type of dance; it is a culture. Hip hop was born out of the desire to unite outcast youth while projecting peace, love, and fun.

History Of Hip Hop Dance

Hip hop was created to speak out against violence and stood for social and economic justice, since many kids who started dancing hip hop used it to rise above their individual circumstances.

At Miami Dance Project, the values of hip hop merge within our own to create a space for our young generation to come together and express themselves through their individual journeys. Through hip hop, our students have the chance to create a poetic movement much like hip hop has done for many other groups in the past 4 decades. We find it very important to unleash the playful, proud, and courageous feelings in all of our dancers, whatever their backgrounds or circumstances may be, and teach them to control those emotions through dance.


Because of its diversity, hip hop comes from a collection of urban dances that might include breaking, locking and popping. These popular dances came directly from the streets and into our studio, where we incorporate the hip hop choreography into a combination of these styles. This allows our dancers to receive a well-rounded education on hip-hop and showcases the ease in which we can create very moving pieces of dance with the personality of hip hop – courage, pride, and truth.

Another beautiful aspect of hip hop is its improvisational freedom. Dance crews often engage in freestyle dance competitions, known as battles, and can identify themselves as a strong unit of dancers through their ability to freestyle together. As an individual, dancers can feel the movements and connect to their emotions in a supportive environment that praises artistic freedom and expression of emotion.


We offer hip hop at the following times:

  • Monday. 5:30-6:30 PM – 9-12 year olds
  • Tuesday, 7:30-8:30 PM – 11-Up
  • Thursday, 4:30-5:30 PM – 13-Up
  • Saturday, 11:30-12:30 PM – 6-8 year olds

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Miami Dance Project, established in the year 2000, stands at the forefront of the dance industry, known not only for its advanced training programs and innovative choreography but also for its profound commitment to serving the community.