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Combined with classical ballet’s controlled leg work and modern dance’s stress on the torso, contemporary emerged in the 1950s incorporating many everyday elements, poetic themes, broken lines, nonlinear movements, and repetition.

Contemporary Dance Classes at Miami Dance Project

Explore Modern Expression Through Our Expert-Led Contemporary Dance Classes

Do you live in Miami? Are you seeking a way to express yourself, stay active, and meet new people? Explore the world of movement with our contemporary dance classes at the Miami Dance Project. 

Our studio offers an engaging and supportive environment for dancers of all levels. We combine ballet’s meticulous technique with modern dance’s expressive freedom, perfect for conveying strong emotions through dynamic movement. 

Discover the joy and artistic expression available at our contemporary dance classes ‘near me.’ Join the Miami Dance Project and transform your passion for dance into breathtaking performances.

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The Evolution of Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance has a rich history, originating in the 20th century when an innovative US dancer decided to expand her ballet routines by integrating various dance styles. 

She seamlessly incorporated elements from jazz, acrobatics, rock and roll, hip-hop, and modern dance into her performances. This fusion created a new dance genre where each style was intricately connected to music, enhancing the expressive potential of the movements. 

Through contemporary dance classes, dancers learn to channel the intense emotions of the choreographer into each performance, creating a powerful and dynamic experience. 

Furthermore, the participants are encouraged to explore and express profound feelings through dynamic and diverse movements in our adult contemporary dance class in Miami.

The Process

In contemporary dance, emotions come first. Movements are designed thoughtfully to convey these emotions on stage, allowing for dramatic leaps and bounds. This expressive freedom distinguishes contemporary dance, inviting dancers and audiences to find meaning in each performance. 

In our modern dance classes for adults in Miami, you can freely add your spin to this versatile art form.

Our Focus

At our dance studio in Miami, we don’t follow rigid time, pace, or movement rules. Instead, we focus on each dancer’s unique interpretation of emotion, empowering them to express their deepest feelings while maintaining technical precision. 

This approach significantly benefits our youth dancers, who learn to fully utilize space and convey profound emotions through efficient, exaggerated movements.

The Contemporary Classes

Contemporary Beginner

Dive into the world of dance with our beginner-level contemporary dance classes, ideal for those new to the form. This class introduces the fundamentals of modern dance. 

Dancers must have completed one full year of subject Ballet to understand all the expressions and boy mechanics. They must also be enrolled in a Ballet class. This requirement helps integrate Ballet’s precision with contemporary expressive range, making it a comprehensive learning experience.

Contemporary Intermediate (Teen/Pre-teen)

Our intermediate contemporary dance class is for teen and pre-teen dancers looking to deepen their understanding and skill in modern dance. 

Participants in this class must also be enrolled in a ballet class, as combining ballet and modern techniques enriches the dancer’s ability to perform complex movements and emotional expressions. 

This class builds on the basics covered in earlier sessions, allowing dancers to explore more challenging choreography and performance techniques.

Contemporary Advanced

Our advanced contemporary dance classes for adults offer a rigorous training environment for those ready to push their boundaries. This class is open to dancers with a solid foundation in modern and ballet styles. 

To join this advanced class, dancers must continue enrollment in a ballet class and receive teacher approval. Here, they refine their skills, learn complex sequences, and engage deeply with contemporary dance’s emotional and physical demands.

Why Choose Miami Dance Project for Contemporary Dance Classes?

At Miami Dance Project, we believe in the importance of a well-rounded dance education. Our structured pathway from beginner to advanced levels ensures each dancer receives the support and challenges necessary to grow. 

Whether you’re just starting or seeking to master your craft, our contemporary dance classes near me provide the perfect setting to explore and excel in modern dance. Here are a few reasons why we stand out in Miami: 

Great Instructors

Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in both Ballet and contemporary dance. Their expertise ensures that every student receives rigorous, responsive training that meets individual needs.

Excellent Curriculum

At Miami Dance Project, we require students to enroll in ballet alongside their contemporary classes. This unique approach ensures a robust foundation in dance technique and body awareness, enhancing the modern dance experience.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our dance studios have everything needed for a superior dance education. With spacious studios and professional-grade equipment, we provide an environment where dancers can safely explore and push their limits.

Performance Opportunities

We believe in the transformative power of performance. Our students have numerous opportunities to showcase their skills through recitals, competitions, and community performances, helping them gain confidence and stage presence.

Inclusive Community

Miami Dance Project is more than just a dance studio; it’s a community. We foster an inclusive, supportive environment where dancers come together and share their passion for dance.

Emphasis on Emotional Expression

Our contemporary dance program significantly focuses on emotional expression. This allows dancers to connect deeply with the music and choreography, creating performances that are not only technically proficient but also emotionally compelling.

Choosing the Miami Dance Project means opting for a dance education that values technical skills, emotional depth, and artistic expression. Join us to experience the best contemporary dance classes for adults in Miami and discover your potential as a dancer.

Contemporary Dance Class Schedule

  • Monday: 7:30-8:30 PM – Contemporary for ages 13 and up
  • Wednesday: 6:30-7:30 PM – Contemporary for ages 9-12
  • Wednesday: 7:30-8:30 PM – Contemporary for ages 13 and up
  • Saturday: 12:30-1:30 PM – Contemporary for ages 8-10

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the best age to start contemporary dance?

    There's no "best" age to start contemporary dance—it's suitable for all ages. We offer classes for children as young as three, providing a fantastic introduction to movement. However, even adults will find great joy and benefit from starting contemporary dance later in life. The best age is whenever you're ready to explore the world of dance!

  • 2. How many years does it take to learn contemporary dance?

    Learning contemporary dance is unique to each dancer, as everyone progresses at different speeds. Some may reach a strong proficiency within a few years, while others continue to refine their skills over a more extended period. 

    Your growth will depend on dedication, practice frequency, and previous dance experience. No matter your pace, the key is to enjoy the process and express yourself through movement.

  • 3. Can I learn contemporary dance at 30?

    Absolutely! Our adult contemporary dance classes in Miami are perfect for those aged 30 and beyond. There's no age limit to learning or enjoying contemporary dance. As an adult, you'll find our classes inspiring and empowering, allowing you to connect with your emotions and discover a new form of self-expression. 

  • 4. How do you get into contemporary dance?

    Getting into contemporary dance is simple: enroll in one of our modern dance classes near me to start your journey. At Miami Dance Project, we'll guide you through the fundamentals and techniques while encouraging creative expression. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, our supportive instructors will help you explore the beauty of contemporary dance in a welcoming environment.

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Miami Dance Project offers a unique and enriching experience for anyone exploring contemporary dance art. Our comprehensive curriculum, expert instruction, and state-of-the-art facilities provide an ideal environment for dancers of all ages and skill levels to thrive. 

In addition, our focus on technical proficiency and emotional expression ensures that every dancer learns the movements and connects deeply with the art form. 

Whether starting your dance journey or looking to refine advanced skills, Miami Dance Project invites you to join our vibrant community and transform your passion for dance into breathtaking performances. 

Embark on your dance journey with us, and let Miami Dance Project be where your dance dreams take flight. Join us for contemporary dance classes and experience the power of movement at our state-of-the-art dance facility. Call us at 305-595-1115 to enroll or schedule an appointment. 

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Miami Dance Project, established in the year 2000, stands at the forefront of the dance industry, known not only for its advanced training programs and innovative choreography but also for its profound commitment to serving the community.