For autistic children, especially those who are nonverbal, dance therapy for autism is an incredibly effective program. The dancers communicate with their bodies rather than words. Young autistic children may not be able to express themselves verbally, but the body can communicate through movement.

Without pressuring them to talk, you can support your child by allowing them to use dance to convey their feelings by enrolling them in dance lessons in Miami.

At the Miami Dance Project, we believe in inclusivity and have dance programs to help autistic children express themselves. Our hip-hop dance studios in Miami are a great addition to your little one’s routine.

In addition, we have an excellent curriculum that fuses rhythm and dance for students with learning differences.

The vision behind our dance studio is to provide quality programming to the children in Miami so they to dance with a disability and enjoy it. Our goal is to ensure that all children have access to the art of dance.

This allows them to reap the benefits and use dance as an outlet and a vehicle for self-expression. We offer inclusive programming to ensure our community can experience the joys of dance.

We wish to reach every child that would like to explore and partake in the world of dance!

Our Objectives

The Miami Dance Project emphasizes communication, cognitive development, self-help, motor skills, and social/emotional development. The 150 hip-hop dance moves used in the classes consist of 31 skill set categories to assist students with learning difficulties and other disabilities in developmental objectives.

As the best dance studio in Florida, our trained dance instructors and physical therapists are Certified Rhythm Works instructors and offer educational programs through Rhythm Works.

Our Coursework

Each of our hip-hop dance classes in Miami starts with a rhythm activity that includes body percussion and call-and-response drills. After a brief prep, the learners participate in a dance routine using the 150 hip-hop dance moves. The lesson ends with a game that targets a particular issue, like freeze dance, which is used to control impulsive behavior.

Visual aids are used in our courses. Then, we apply a red sticker on a student’s right hand and a yellow one to their left to introduce the ideas of right and left. These hues match complementary floor mats, providing kids with a route.

The Coolness Ratio

Students are typically eager to participate in hip-hop because of its inherent “cool” element. Most kids come to our dance studios in Florida at a very young age. When they hear hip-hop music played, they feel empowered to get involved.

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At Miami Dance Project, we incorporate the best techniques in our classes, making us the best hip-hop dance studio in Miami. We aim to make dance accessible for children with special needs. Enroll your child in any of our programs below.

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