Miami Dance Project



Unleash Your Inner Champion

This competitive company is for the dancer who aspires to achieve the highest level of dance performance and who may be interested in pursuing the college or professional dance worlds.

Our organization assists the competitive dancer to achieve their full dance potential with continued instructions and through thoroughly increasing technical ability and knowledge. Motivating our dancers to achieve greater results through technique reinforcement in a positive environment. We also provide all children a nurturing space where they can evolve physically, emotionally and psychologically. We want to provide children of all abilities as well as those children who are underserved in our community the possibility to experience dance.

Not all children have the same opportunities, and their inability to participate further widens the societal gap, but we will change that. Building confidence through dance expression is one way we help children with differing abilities grow and evolve. Dance bridges the gap for those who otherwise would not be able to partake in mainstream classes. We pride ourselves on being an all-embracing dance company, laying the groundwork so that our dancers have improved social skills, self-esteem, and interpersonal behavior.

The benefits of dance are innumerable. Children gain confidence, pride, and self-worth. Dance helps foster disability awareness, seen or unseen, through community outreach and education. At Miami Dance Project, we feel we have a responsibility to open doors and expand the world of dance to all who want to participate. We provide top-notch classes by our highly trained teachers who nurture and mentor the children to help them prosper inside and outside the classroom.